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Construction - Specifications: Heavy Duty Construction

Specifications: 5 Ply construction. Meets or exceeds industry standards of WDMA I.S.1-A; WI Section 12, AWI Section 1300 Custom Grade (A Grade Faces), AWI Section 1300 Premium Grade (AA Grade Faces). All 20 Minute doors have been tested in conformance to the following standards: ASTM-E-152, CSFM-43.7, CAN4-S104, NFPA-252, UBC-7-2-97, UL-10C
Lay Up Method: Bonded and Sand
Maximum Sizes: Width - 4/0 Length - Depends on faces (See faces below for available length)
Thickness: 1-3/8” and 1-3/4” ONLY
Stiles: Paint Grade = FJ Hardwood, Raw Stain Grade = Matching Hardwood Prefinished = Matching hardwood P-lam = SCL with matching edge banding over CAT-A = Special CAT-A Stile with matching edge banding over Width = 1-3/8” Minimum
Rails: 1-3/8” Thickness = Wood or SCL 1-1/8” Minimum 1-3/4” Thickness = Wood or SCL 1-1/8” Minimum
Core: 34lb Particleboard, ANSI A208.1 Grade LD-2
Fire Rating: 1-3/4” Thickness 20 Minute Rated*
Faces: Primed MDO 2 Ply HDF Back, 10/0 Max length Select Species Raw & Prefinished 2 Ply, 1/42” Face, 10/0 Max length Plastic Laminate 2 Ply, 1/50” Face, 10/0 Max length. All laminates meet or exceed NEMA standards.
Adhesive: Type-1 PVA, Interior installation only.
Machining: To Specification
Lites: To Specification
Louvers: To Specification
Acoustical Rating: 33 STC Operable (With seal / Pemko S773, 151, ADB 434APKL, 344)
Warranty: Lifetime. See limited warranty for details.
Description Abbreviations: HD-1-3/8 = Heavy Duty 1-3/8” Thick PBC; HD-20NL = Heavy Duty 1-3/4” Thick PBC, Non Rated; HD-20B = Heavy Duty 1-3/4” Thick PBC, 20 Minute Category B; HD-20A = Heavy Duty 1-3/4” Thick PBC, 20 Minute Category A
Recommended Use:Architectural